About Us

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Denise Mast Broadwater is an author, speaker, counselor. She treats adolescents,individuals, and their families in the Charleston area for over 10 years. When not writing, Denise is by Greg’s side as clean up crew and household managment. This blog is a compilation of personal stories and historical fiction posts throughout the city of Charleston. .

In Fall 2019, her book is released A House with Holes. The story is of how Greg and Denise fall in love with a broken down heap on the westside of Charleston, SC. Greg assures her there is nothing in this cottage that cannot be fixed, but she must be willing to join him in commitment to the project. Denise agrees. Greg begins to open the house and beginning with the foundation, the project is laden with unexpected issues and obstacles along the way making the journey more arduous than they imagined. A brick through their window, a murder across the street. and learning what it means to join an historic neighborhood are all part of this worthwhile journey. Denise lives with dust, critters, and at one point an open roof and finds that a relationship isn’t about our circumstances. Love can rise above anything we face as long as we are in it together.